Veronica Piastuch, the Art
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Ghost Riders of the Gulf



Gulf Dolphin Angels



The Cremation of Adam 9/11


Partners in Everything       Mary Magdalene:
Apostle to the Apostles

New Work:
Mixed Media on
Japanese Accordian Book
6" x 70"



This book represents the human cycle of passionate love in which love, attraction and passion, enters the body  through the eye, enters the bloodstream, DNA, and as time goes through daily living, it encircles the heart with thorns of pain eventually leading to a broken heart and self-immolation; the anima sola in purgatory.  ( I love Joan of Arc). This is not the end of this cycle. The true end is entering the  cosmic cauldron of rebirth of self, healing and resurrecting oneself as a phoenix.   This was  a stream of consciousness project and after I found that the calla lily is the only flower used both in weddings and funerals. The lovestream passes through both stages (birth and death of love) and ultimately reverts back to the "I", the self but a wiser, higher healed self. It is the story of when I becomes we and the "we" cycles back to "me."  It is the journey from the human self to the cosmic self. This is mixed media using pantone pens, gel pens, acrylic paint, permanent marker, glitter, and inks.

Zur Atzmon:
Angel of Union Square
Eternally Becoming
Welcome to the Show
Mixed Media on Japanese Accordian Book 7" x 100"
John Peterson
Spirit Line of Three Sisters
Killing the Future: Honoring the Smallest Victims of War

Dancers of the Divine Feminine
My Father, My Poppy
The Calling
Little Bear and Me
Altar Boys
Celebrate Tibet
The Cat IS the Hat
Guardians of Turtle Island
Reunion with His Sweet Lord
(background by
DeAnna Jacobson)
Yemaya Essence
Erica S.
Zachary S.


Bottom Line 8th Anniversary
Mi Familia de Taos
Rosie and Samson
Desert Dance
The Return of White Buffalo Woman
Home at Last
Townes Van Zandt
Viva Garcia
Honoring Janis
Vaughan's Paradise
Stevie Ray Vaughan

Chante and Tewa

Enchanted Children
Memento Mori
Adobe - Fantase
Dancing to the Dead


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