Veronica Piastuch, the Artist

Veronica is a native New Yorker who migrated to New Mexico to "live her dream." She is a painter and a private children's art teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was a graphic designer and illustrator in New York City for twenty-five years and also worked in the music business with legendary singer/songwriter Eric Andersen.

She received her training at City College of New York. Bill Behnken mentored her in painting from 1972 - 1974. Spiritual subject matter greatly influences her art.

She calls most of her work magical realism, as Spirit is imbued into each painting. Veronica uses the new Max oils for her paintings. She used to do cut canvas collages in acrylics. She is known for her El Dia de Los Muertos tributes of contemporary musicians who have crossed over, many of whom she had met. Veronica also has done many spiritual illustrations for SageWoman, Circle Network News and Earth Spirit Designs. Commissions for her work have come from various individuals including the Bottom Line in NYC (8th Anniversary Poster and pen and ink design for David Bromberg). Her painting commissions are in private collections in Texas, New York and Colorado. The Albuquerque Journal has run five major articles on her work.

In 1996, she became licensed by the Estate of Jerry Garcia to reproduce her tribute painting to Jerry. In 1986, the Grateful Dead published her cartoon and calligraphic letter in their "Official Book of the Deadheads". Her ink drawing "Our Lady of the Americas" was used as poster and T-shirt art for the Red Nations Celebration 1996 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From 1996-2003, she has shown her work at the South Broadway Cultural Center (SBCC) for El Dia de Los Muertos. In December 2001, her work was exhibited in a group show at South Broadway entitled "2001: A Spiritual Odyssey" which she organized. She has participated in group shows in New York City and Taos, New Mexico. In Oct/Nov 2003 this group is reuniting for a show called "Eye Level" at Lydia Garcia's Galleria EliasInez in Ranchos de Taos. The group is scheduled for another exhibit at the SBCC in 2005. Veronica also works with the earth's healing stones in her one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry creations.

From 1997-2001, Veronica organized an art exhibit for her students at Explora Children's Museum in Albuquerque, NM. The Kimo Gallery in Summer of 2004 will be the scene of the next student exhibit. Her student's work has graced many covers of the magazine NM KIDS! In 1999, Veronica organized 35 community art workshops for the SBCC and taught the drawing segment. She continues to teach drawing workshops at the Center including the upcoming Mandala Creation workshop on December 13th and 20th, 2003.


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